The limo’s are killing me baby.  Sure its just me in the back in my underwear drinking smirnoff but I got the lettering right so let those jealous haters just suck it.



Katy Perry Bleached Brows & Curled Baby Hairs — Love Or Loathe?

Im only rebloggin this because she looks like she was crying previously to this photo. Well I better start looking at rentals in tofino what the hell.

Hollywood Life

Well, this is an interesting look. Katy went wild on Instagram on June 18, rocking her hair in two topknots with braids and gelled in the front. Are you loving her dramatic beauty look?

Katy Perry isn’t afraid to take a risk! We thought she was daring when she dyed her hair green, but that was just the beginning! Her newest look featured Miley Cyrus-inspired top knots with braids, long lashes, bleached brows, and metallic nails! Let’s discuss this look below!

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Confirming Dept (Retired Sat1001)

I knew better than to trust russian hardware so I double checked.  Yes the writing was clearly something to do with christy clarks education efforts but my satellite doesn’t read pink well.  Seriously its not my excuse for everything but green blue everything pretty clear I could make out the text but I was wrong about the pink text alas christy those kids really dont like you.


Any who.  I’ll see if the agency can get better satellites for pink text.

Comox Valley Lawncare is all about the Mow Jobs

Hows your Mow Joe?   I better be mowing now?  I’ll be mowing right along?   No Im at home being a pain in the ass now even MTV wants to be her whats the hostest name?Image  No not the one with all the tats Im ok with tats but not that many and how could you forget her?  I really like her.  But Im quickly finding out how much reality has nothing to do with celebrity.  How in the heck could I get the address if I dont know who I am really talking to.


Any who TWITTER is not going to get the advertising money and neither is FACEBOOK. I CLOSED BOTH.  

However since he looked so much like bill and I know the history on that I better stick with ADCENTER.


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Im still in love with her Im sure as hell booking the hotel

Well its a long wait till sept,1st but Im still alive her dad likes me.  Scared a bit. But still I want the real one.  I dont know if I am embarissing her but if you could get the parents to give us the motorhome I got enough for the run across canada. 


Smooches,  Your favorite fan  (You know you want it)