Still having to post via the amsterdam internet cafe

Still waiting for the belgians its awful people keep throwing sausage at me. I can’t take it any more. I nearly broke the other day as a bike messenger nearly killed me. I can’t stand this new job but its a job I hope i can find something easier to do. Maybe something more physical like emptying the grease fryers out at the local whitespot. Its so emotionally draining its like looking at a hit you know its a crime scene but you can’t help but look. Next thing you know Im convulsing on the ground thinking im having a ” Psychic connection ” with a infamous serial killer. I would never act out on my impulses but lately I have been having these weird EVENTS. Happen to me. I better just keep puffing the magic dragon and stay out of trouble. Its a tough life its all happening so slow I just need no space I think thats the problem.

Dont lie? But its what I am good at. m


Just another day with the clueless canadian

Well I just packed it up and moved. What a joke this turned out to be. How hard could it be to move a dsl service to another area? Well first it involved a serious downgrade. From there we must now start building a new network on the existing non existant infra structure. I suggest changing the multiplexer back now that I am up and running with the new 3.4 mhz spectrum or at least enough pairs of 124-136 mhz to get this baby running on anything hirer than 999.3 or never mind obviously I don’t know enough someone torture me.

So here I sit again waiting and waiting and waiting for what I don’t know perhaps some much needed reinforcements or praise. Packet a stan? sim bob away? Central stealhers? UNKNOWN more to come. I’ll keep you POSING.

Some more useless information to spy on me with

Today the problem is simple. Everyone uses online and dissociates themselves with reality. Unfortunately in the real world we all have to LIVE. Common facts are what they are RACISTS are not only people that are bia’s towards there own nationality but those that are not MALE/FEMALE whatever the case may be. In many cases we can substitute MONEY for the lack of ability to make it on our own steam. Sometimes we BEND the rules more than others and some might say we are HARDEST on ourselves and this reveals a broken system. Control is a illusion but some people present company excluded believe its easiest to grasp power any way they can at the expense of getting caught where or who’s brilliance they are riding off of. I like to think that these problems are temporary and that constantly judging the same person over and over because you have access to money convieniently is no excuse for being unable to compete with the rest of us that have to live. LIVING is not just having someone else look after you however when the same BETTER individuals make your life IMPOSSIBLE because of constant JUDGING over and over again you can’t help but feel that sense of achomplishment. It’s easy in some cases to attack the male ego. PERSONALLY looking back at my life in all my cases I see the same disturbing trends, I either attained a position because someone honestly used there money to fill up a building and harras me maybe even there friends died for some reason maybe blamed me. BLAME god don’t blame the messenger. Any who its been a slice. Sometimes we do that and debate about when to remove it with all our buddies. You know think about it.

Oops! I did it again

I went down the wrong spur unfortunately she assumed the position as per our monthly agreement. Unfortunately I was unable to apprehend the culprit with a citizens arrest because I have no idea what laws were broken or who’s land it was. I think government land so it would of been a confusing citizens arrest.

I have no idea what’s going on but if you think the retarded excuse that I would call it rape due to a unknown condition I find humorous. If that ment you can never have sex again for the rest of your life Im sure allot of doctors would get smacked around after a dumb ass comment like that. So buddy you can’t have sex ever again because of what? No threats here just wondering if one is arrogant enough to make that claim.

Any who another uneventful day and miss identification.

Yours truly, Never upset (unless potential sex is obscurded with retarded legal jargon and some moronic mission debriefing which I wish I could of got that far but then never talk!)

Shes hopelessly in love with her image

Well the airplanes from hollywood circle and I still can’t pick up the flowers in time.  I feel aweful about this.  Shes all I can see on facebook and twitter.   I can’t afford to go to the concert.  Surrey left me dickets on my mercedese.   I can’t keep moving around like this anymore.  I have everything I could ever want here I would have to be stupid to move.  I love the sea, the fresh air, the trails.   I think its a wonderful place to live but work seems like its used more of a annoyance to me than a potentially wealth acquiring venue.  

Why do they stalk me the way they do?

Eventually one of these young ladies are going to have to pay me.

Im drawing the line at 16 years you never know if shes back in new westminister I waited forever for her and she still made a fool of me.  And kept kicking me for some reason under the table.  Now shes sending me emails telling me how she can afford to pay me for weekend work.  IM CONSIDERING IT!!!!

Just kidding.




11 years is nothing and dammit I want kids fast.  

Stop reading this you will get ideas….