Still having to post via the amsterdam internet cafe

Still waiting for the belgians its awful people keep throwing sausage at me. I can’t take it any more. I nearly broke the other day as a bike messenger nearly killed me. I can’t stand this new job but its a job I hope i can find something easier to do. Maybe something more physical like emptying the grease fryers out at the local whitespot. Its so emotionally draining its like looking at a hit you know its a crime scene but you can’t help but look. Next thing you know Im convulsing on the ground thinking im having a ” Psychic connection ” with a infamous serial killer. I would never act out on my impulses but lately I have been having these weird EVENTS. Happen to me. I better just keep puffing the magic dragon and stay out of trouble. Its a tough life its all happening so slow I just need no space I think thats the problem.

Dont lie? But its what I am good at. m