Some more useless information to spy on me with

Today the problem is simple. Everyone uses online and dissociates themselves with reality. Unfortunately in the real world we all have to LIVE. Common facts are what they are RACISTS are not only people that are bia’s towards there own nationality but those that are not MALE/FEMALE whatever the case may be. In many cases we can substitute MONEY for the lack of ability to make it on our own steam. Sometimes we BEND the rules more than others and some might say we are HARDEST on ourselves and this reveals a broken system. Control is a illusion but some people present company excluded believe its easiest to grasp power any way they can at the expense of getting caught where or who’s brilliance they are riding off of. I like to think that these problems are temporary and that constantly judging the same person over and over because you have access to money convieniently is no excuse for being unable to compete with the rest of us that have to live. LIVING is not just having someone else look after you however when the same BETTER individuals make your life IMPOSSIBLE because of constant JUDGING over and over again you can’t help but feel that sense of achomplishment. It’s easy in some cases to attack the male ego. PERSONALLY looking back at my life in all my cases I see the same disturbing trends, I either attained a position because someone honestly used there money to fill up a building and harras me maybe even there friends died for some reason maybe blamed me. BLAME god don’t blame the messenger. Any who its been a slice. Sometimes we do that and debate about when to remove it with all our buddies. You know think about it.