Shes hopelessly in love with her image

Well the airplanes from hollywood circle and I still can’t pick up the flowers in time.  I feel aweful about this.  Shes all I can see on facebook and twitter.   I can’t afford to go to the concert.  Surrey left me dickets on my mercedese.   I can’t keep moving around like this anymore.  I have everything I could ever want here I would have to be stupid to move.  I love the sea, the fresh air, the trails.   I think its a wonderful place to live but work seems like its used more of a annoyance to me than a potentially wealth acquiring venue.  

Why do they stalk me the way they do?

Eventually one of these young ladies are going to have to pay me.

Im drawing the line at 16 years you never know if shes back in new westminister I waited forever for her and she still made a fool of me.  And kept kicking me for some reason under the table.  Now shes sending me emails telling me how she can afford to pay me for weekend work.  IM CONSIDERING IT!!!!

Just kidding.




11 years is nothing and dammit I want kids fast.  

Stop reading this you will get ideas….


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