Comox Valley Lawncare is all about the Mow Jobs

Hows your Mow Joe?   I better be mowing now?  I’ll be mowing right along?   No Im at home being a pain in the ass now even MTV wants to be her whats the hostest name?Image  No not the one with all the tats Im ok with tats but not that many and how could you forget her?  I really like her.  But Im quickly finding out how much reality has nothing to do with celebrity.  How in the heck could I get the address if I dont know who I am really talking to.


Any who TWITTER is not going to get the advertising money and neither is FACEBOOK. I CLOSED BOTH.  

However since he looked so much like bill and I know the history on that I better stick with ADCENTER.


Advertising paid for by COMOX VALLEY LAWN CARE


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