Oops! I did it again

I went down the wrong spur unfortunately she assumed the position as per our monthly agreement. Unfortunately I was unable to apprehend the culprit with a citizens arrest because I have no idea what laws were broken or who’s land it was. I think government land so it would of been a confusing citizens arrest.

I have no idea what’s going on but if you think the retarded excuse that I would call it rape due to a unknown condition I find humorous. If that ment you can never have sex again for the rest of your life Im sure allot of doctors would get smacked around after a dumb ass comment like that. So buddy you can’t have sex ever again because of what? No threats here just wondering if one is arrogant enough to make that claim.

Any who another uneventful day and miss identification.

Yours truly, Never upset (unless potential sex is obscurded with retarded legal jargon and some moronic mission debriefing which I wish I could of got that far but then never talk!)


Shes hopelessly in love with her image

Well the airplanes from hollywood circle and I still can’t pick up the flowers in time.  I feel aweful about this.  Shes all I can see on facebook and twitter.   I can’t afford to go to the concert.  Surrey left me dickets on my mercedese.   I can’t keep moving around like this anymore.  I have everything I could ever want here I would have to be stupid to move.  I love the sea, the fresh air, the trails.   I think its a wonderful place to live but work seems like its used more of a annoyance to me than a potentially wealth acquiring venue.  

Why do they stalk me the way they do?

Eventually one of these young ladies are going to have to pay me.

Im drawing the line at 16 years you never know if shes back in new westminister I waited forever for her and she still made a fool of me.  And kept kicking me for some reason under the table.  Now shes sending me emails telling me how she can afford to pay me for weekend work.  IM CONSIDERING IT!!!!

Just kidding.




11 years is nothing and dammit I want kids fast.  

Stop reading this you will get ideas….


The limo’s are killing me baby.  Sure its just me in the back in my underwear drinking smirnoff but I got the lettering right so let those jealous haters just suck it.


Katy Perry Bleached Brows & Curled Baby Hairs — Love Or Loathe?

Im only rebloggin this because she looks like she was crying previously to this photo. Well I better start looking at rentals in tofino what the hell.

Hollywood Life

Well, this is an interesting look. Katy went wild on Instagram on June 18, rocking her hair in two topknots with braids and gelled in the front. Are you loving her dramatic beauty look?

Katy Perry isn’t afraid to take a risk! We thought she was daring when she dyed her hair green, but that was just the beginning! Her newest look featured Miley Cyrus-inspired top knots with braids, long lashes, bleached brows, and metallic nails! Let’s discuss this look below!

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Confirming Dept (Retired Sat1001)

I knew better than to trust russian hardware so I double checked.  Yes the writing was clearly something to do with christy clarks education efforts but my satellite doesn’t read pink well.  Seriously its not my excuse for everything but green blue everything pretty clear I could make out the text but I was wrong about the pink text alas christy those kids really dont like you.


Any who.  I’ll see if the agency can get better satellites for pink text.